The fantasy world of Women’s Vibrators

You can say-“vibrators are a girl’s best friend” and a good vibrator is a must for well-rounded sex life. Experts believe that  Women’s Vibrators creates more variety in a girls sex life and spice up a long-term relationship. But going to buy a vibrator is intimidating sometimes as there are a lot of options in the market and they are designed to target something different on people’s body. To find the best vibrators is a challenge for many, but for the starters, it depends on personal choice. Some people like indirect vibration while some like to place vibe right against the skin. You may choose to buy a bunch of vibrators and try all of them and choose which one works best for you but it’s quite an expensive option and most people don’t have a budget to do that.

How to find the best types of vibrators?

They are vast options available both online and offline and to have predetermined suggestion is really handy and can save a lot of time for you. It’s difficult to declare which is the best because it depends on the personal choice of the user which one excites her more but initially you can explore the most popular ones and accepted by the masses. Here is a list of 17 vibrators which can spice up your bedtime:

  • The Fin
  • We-Vibe Unite
  • Lelo Tara
  • Pom
  • Lelo Sona
  • Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibe
  • Tiger Vibe G5
  • Je Joue Fifi
  • Jimmyjane Form 2
  • Intro 6 Women’s Vibrators
  • Fun Factory Volta G5
  • We-Vibe Wish Personal Massager
  • Vertigo Rabbit Vibrator
  • Hitachi Magic Wand Massager
  • G Kiss Waterproof Vibrator
  • Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace
  • Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clitoral Vibrator

Tips to use a Women’s vibrator

Women’s Vibrators can be kept as breakup insurance, and you can keep your sex life going even in the absence of any partner. Some vibrators are simple while some come with a multi-speed function which will never let you fell the absence of a playful sex partner.  The best way to use a vibrator is to use in your bedroom during the alone time when nobody can disturb you, and you can a nice orgasm or a long duration masturbation experience. To get an awesome experience watch some porn or think about your wildest fantasies. You can use one hand for penetration and the other one to rub your clit for dual stimulation, to rub your clitoris flatten 2 or 3 fingers and rub in a circular motion like a DJ playing a record. When you are familiar with your toy you can also use it for partnered sex, you can explain to your lover how you like it and then ask them to use it on you. If you mostly like to glide the vibrator in and out of the vagina then make sure to use right lube, water-based lube is highly recommended.

The above suggestions would let you have an awesome experience using your favorite Women’s Vibrators and have a fantastic night with or without a sex partner.